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Posted by cohezive on 05-Mar-2015 11:54

I have two objects A and B.    A has a one to many relationship with B.

When creating a New B object from the View Page for A (via the List View for B), the new record page needs to include ohe A record in scope s that the relationship is established on Save.  For this operation, I have a New Page that includes the A object selector (with Use Record In Scope selected).  

When creating a new record from Tab List View for Object B, there is no record in scope and the New Record Page does not include the A object.

.Attempting to implement this model, I found no way to define which B New Record page is used by a View.  

To be more specific, using the object example in the RB User Guide - when the user clicks "New Furniture", the page that appears would have the Room Object in scope to create the relationship.    The default "New Furniture" would not have this field.

How can this be accomplished?

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Posted by Orchid Corpin on 05-Mar-2015 13:25

Hi cohezive,

You can actually remove the "Show record in Scope", when you're creating a new Object from a related list view this will automatically attach the parent, so that in the other hand when you are in the New Page (from the Tab) that Parent Lookup will be empty.

Hope this may help.



Posted by cohezive on 05-Mar-2015 14:14

Actually, I had to change the selector to "hidden" and check the "use record in scope" to make the same page in both environments.  That works for this specific use case but actually doesn't answer the broader question.

What if I need/want two different New Pages based on a view?  At this point, I can't even identify how to define which page is selected based on the view selection.  

They both show up in the Menu page properties associated with the View - yet there appears to be no method to select one over the other.

Posted by Orchid Corpin on 05-Mar-2015 15:56

Currently you cannot assign New Page into different pages. There are options to change the default New page.

1. Via User Roles (go to Roles > Pages > Select Object Name > Select the page to be changed)
This cannot take effect per page but will change all new page (New Page from tab and New page from related list view)

2. Via Workflow action (go to Object Definition > New Workflow Action with type "Related Record" > Select related object > Choose the New Page)
The New page can be assign here without changing the Default New page from Tab and related list view.

-------------------------Here is what it look likes when saved, together with other actions------------------------------

* To use the New page assign in the workflow action you have to disable the New in the related list view so users will not use it instead they have use the Workflow Action


Hope this may help.



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