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Posted by Meryk on 05-Mar-2015 04:13


I have an object X, related to an object Y. In object X, I am trying to get the link of each one of the related records (i.e view page of the record).

Only thing I could do, is looping through all this related records and getting all the links this way:


The problem is that I want to get this links one by one, using their ids (or anything else..), as I have to use them separately in different places.

I found this in the documentation :

"{!#LINK.objName#12345} => URL to the object's page specified by the original ID (only available for view, new record, and edit pages and only if more than one page of each type exists (e.g. at least two view pages))"

and tried it but not working..

Any ideas how to do that please?

Thank you!


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Posted by Godfrey Sorita on 05-Mar-2015 09:11

Hi Meryem,

You need to replace "objName" and "12345" with the values on your system in order to make the token work. The easiest way to get the right token is from the view page itself. First, navigate to the object definition. In your example that's object Y. Then click the Page Name under Pages section and copy the Template Token.


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