Data Validation Trigger on popup pages

Posted by Meryk on 03-Mar-2015 05:40


The data validation trigger does not seem to work properly with popup pages (Quick Create for eg). its showing this javascript error : "ReferenceError: rbv_error_title is not defined". Do you know if it is a Rollbase possible bug , or is there anything we need to set to use this trigger correctly ?

I think this thread :, is probably a similar issue..

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Posted by Jean Richert on 05-Mar-2015 02:41

If you're having the same problem and based on the other thread you referenced then it looks like you're hitting an issue that has been reported as a bug but me not being a Rollbase expert,  I asked one of our experts to look into your post.

Posted by Mohammed Siraj on 05-Mar-2015 05:19

Data Validation triggers will fire even for  'Quick Create' . It is not related with the client side error that you have reported.

What could be happening here, on Quick Create, validation is fired but failure notifications are not reported in client browser because of  the above stated error.

Also, the reported client-side issue, as already stated in a separate thread, is resolved for the forthcoming release i.e. 3.2 .

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