Posted by clga29261 on 01-Mar-2015 19:04

question? example(medical record): in the new page, when creating his new medical record. how to get his previous or latest record? all of this is in new record page. this will help the nurse to track his history record. all last record will fill all the field in the new record page. hope you undestand.thanks

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Posted by Manooj Murali on 02-Mar-2015 04:23

Get the last record using the selectQuery API (example : select * from rb_obj_data where OBJ_DEF_ID=1436 ORDER BY UPDATED_AT DESC limit 1;) to fetch the latest record and then use the New Page's onload event to populate the data into the fileds.



Posted by clga29261 on 03-Mar-2015 00:24

what do you mean "New Page's onload event" sir?

Posted by Manooj Murali on 03-Mar-2015 04:45

Go to the Object definition of the object you need this behavior on, click pages, for the page under new click properties and scroll down. You will notice there is a onload event where you can put in any javascript code that will run on the load of this page.



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