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Posted by jsniemi79 on 24-Feb-2015 11:05

I'm trying to generate a partially locked application for a customer.  I can't seem to get the right options set to have it do what I would like.  Below are the only pieces of the application I would like to allow altering.

  • Create fields, but don't alter existing fields
  • Update and Create Reports/Charts
  • Update and Create Views
  • Update Workflow Actions
  • Update Workflow Statuses
  • Update and Create Page Layouts
  • Update and Create Templates
  • Update and Create Conversion Maps

Everything else I would like to have locked so the end users can't change anything.  I can't seem to get most of this to work, especially the page layouts.  I have tried leaving an object unlocked, but then locking specific functionality and it doesn't appear to respect the settings.  For example. I tried to lock the relationships, but when I installed the XML, I could still get into the relationship definition and create a new relationship to the object.

I'm running in a private cloud and the current version is 3.1.0.

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Posted by Chandrasekhar Gontla on 24-Feb-2015 13:28


Locking the components means user cannot modify existing data. As far as I know, It doesn't mean that you cannot create new items of same component type.

For example, if we lock relationships that are available in app then those are not editable after app installation. Still, user can create relationships here.

Please select partial locked option while exporting and lock whatever existing items you want.

I have tried the same thing. It is working fine.

Could please tell me what exactly is not working?

Thanks and Regards,


Posted by jsniemi79 on 25-Feb-2015 07:51

So, it looks like controlling the update side of the equation is possible, but there is no way to restrict the creation of new relationships, triggers, etc if you have the object unlocked.  I need to have the object unlocked to allow pages to be created and altered, but I'd rather not have everything else opened up for creation.  Am I missing something?

Posted by Chandrasekhar Gontla on 25-Feb-2015 08:10


Creation of new pages is not available.Instead, you can clone existing pages. This way, you can create n number of pages.

Hope this helps.

Thanks and Regards,


Posted by jsniemi79 on 25-Feb-2015 08:59

Thank you for your reply.  If you look back at my original post, I laid out the different "new" features I want our end user to be able to do.  I would like to be able to lock them out of creating other new features like, relationships, triggers, actions, etc.  

So, is it possible to let them create the list from my original post including cloning pages while locking them out of the rest?

Posted by jsniemi79 on 25-Feb-2015 09:23

I'm having an issue getting the locking to work on my objects.  I have my application set to partially unlocked.  My Customer Account object is unlocked, but I have it set to lock all the existing fields so they won't be updated.

When I install the application, the object is correctly unlocked, but so are all my fields.

I started out having the fields unlocked, then changed it.  I've installed this as an update as well as a new application and both times I got the same result.  I know I've had fields locked before.  This seems like a bug to me.

Posted by Orchid Corpin on 06-Mar-2015 12:51

Hi jsniemi79,

I tried this in the current version and seems to be working fine.

1. Generate app > Partially Locked > Leave Uncheck the Object > Checked all fields

Object definition screen:



Posted by jsniemi79 on 06-Mar-2015 13:03

I ended up getting this to work as well.  I don't know if I was getting cache issues with Chrome or something else, but once i logged out and back in, the new security was in place as you show in your screen shot.

Thanks for the follow up!!

Posted by Orchid Corpin on 06-Mar-2015 13:05

That's great, nice to hear it is working.



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