Function rbf_formatDate() does not recognize format "2

Posted by Meryk on 18-Feb-2015 08:22


I am using the function rbf_formatDate to format a given date using a format I am getting from the available ones in the setting page of user. (Settings>My Settings> Field Date format), i.e these :

The format of "2015-Feb-18 14:12" is "yyyy-MMM-dd hh:mm".

This format as we can see is available in Rollbase, but when we do this :

var myDate = new Date();

var formattedDate = rbf_formatDtae(myDate, "yyyy-MMM-dd") ; 

formattedDate is : "2015-0505-18". (We are truncating the time too).

Any ideas why this format is not recognized by rbf_formatDate ?

Thank you


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Posted by Manooj Murali on 18-Feb-2015 08:26

rbf_formatDate only supports a handful of formats and unfortunately this is not one of them. We have a long pending issue on this function which we plan to get to may be in the next release.

Posted by Orchid Corpin on 18-Feb-2015 13:30

Hi Meryk,

Found an existing similar thread to this HERE and tracking defect as PSC00315336 which was filed from the previous thread.



Posted by Meryk on 19-Feb-2015 03:16

Hi guys,

Thanks for the reply Manooj, This is what we thought it would be.

Orchid, yes I haven't pointed out this similar existing thread before posting my question. Thank you :)



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