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Posted by herbert.sural@progress on 15-Feb-2015 23:29


Is there a way to restore deleted files query?

Thank You!

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Posted by Orchid Corpin on 16-Feb-2015 08:52

Hi Herbert,

I am not sure what you mean by "deleted files query", can you give more details about it, it would also help me identify the issue. Thank you.


Posted by herbert.sural@progress on 17-Feb-2015 19:35


Thank You for replying.

here is the example:

I attached an image or file:

[2015-02-17 14:42:15,924] Created file: C:\TOMCAT7\ROLLBASE\storage\101\data\47\tmp_148369265120947314.pdf

Then i delete the file

[2015-02-17 14:42:15,924] Deleted file: C:\TOMCAT7\ROLLBASE\storage\101\data\47\tmp_148369265120947314.pdf

How can i restore this?

I only delete this file in system. I thought it was only tag as delete but still can restore.

Thank You!

Posted by Orchid Corpin on 18-Feb-2015 10:16

Hi Herbert,

I don't think if there is an existing functionality to retrieve a removed/deleted file upload value, when editing a record and clicking on "remove", this action cannot be un-done.
Reference Documentation: Chapter 14: Reference > File Upload Field > File Upload Field. HERE

I did a testing on this a while ago:

1. Uploaded a file.
[2015-02-18 23:14:20,377] Created file: C:\Progress\Rollbase\Pas_Instance\rollbase\storage\24639\data\54\tmp_6312519786406882803.pdf
....... At this point I can still see the file on this directory

2. Editing the record and click 'Remove' on file upload field
[2015-02-18 23:16:21,193] Deleted file: C:\Progress\Rollbase\Pas_Instance\rollbase\storage\24639\data\54\tmp_6312519786406882803.pdf
....... File is non existing in the directory

*Rollbase has a Recycle Bin at the sidebar but file upload field cannot be retrieved in the Recycle Bin, this contains only deleted records. 

If you want this functionality to be present in the future releases you can file an enhancement about it at Ideas page. Here.



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