Opening a popup/modal from an existing RB popup

Posted by Meryk on 12-Feb-2015 11:25

Hi all,

We are trying to open a popup page from another one to do some checks. Here is the situation :

We have an object X and an object Y, with a relationships 1:M (one X to many Y).  The view page of X is as above :

When clicking on "Attach Opportunity" (Opportunity is object Y), the selector page opens. 

Now, when one opportunity has been clicked, we want to open another popup asking the user if he wants to change some fileds of this opportunity being attached.

What we tried to do, is change properties of this popup page opening when "Attach.." is clicked, (by adding the action of opening our new modal) but it seems to be very heavy. 

Do you have any ideas ? 

Thank you


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Posted by Orchid Corpin on 12-Feb-2015 12:45

Hi Meryem,

I don't see a current Rollbase functionality to do this. Well, this is a nice to have to the product maybe you can file an enhancement for this at our ideas page here

I created a simple workaround for this.
1. You create a formula field and return type is string
2. Specify this code below in the formula, you may change the depot in the {!#LINK.depot#edit} with your object name
3. Include the formula in the list view column

var link = '<a href="#" onclick="var conf = confirm(\'Do you want to edit some fields?\');if (conf == true) { return\'{!#LINK.depot#edit}\'); } else { return selectObj(\'{!id}\', \'{!name#text}\'); }"> Attach </a>';
return link;

Hope this may help.


Posted by Meryk on 13-Feb-2015 03:46

Hi Orchid,

Thank you for your answer. I have submitted the idea of new popups as suggested.

Concerning your idea of using a formula, the thing would be to add this formula (Attach) to the popup page that opens when clicking on "Attach Opportunity", which is a native RB action.

This wouldn't be coherent with the fact that on this selector page, we already have to click on one Opportunity (the one we want to attach to original object). So there s no way to force the user to do the checks/confirmation (i.e click on the formula field) before selecting the opportunity.

I am trying to do that using a script component from a the selector page.

Thank you


Posted by Orchid Corpin on 16-Feb-2015 14:06

I see, this would be heavy when we workaround this. I tried having like this (see image below) but when I tried to remove the record name in the list the "Action" column showed up(expected behavior in lookup pages) and also that list view with the custom Action is also showing to other pages that uses that list view (as you can see in the image, parent page).

So, have you implemented having script component instead in the selector page?



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