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Posted by bakar on 06-Feb-2015 09:20

Firstly, I'm starting to get the authentication request from client Rollbase side to an external system:

GET ../api/oauth2/auth with URL parameters

I can catch the authentication response and save it in a field in Rollbase

Secondly I'm doing the token request
POST ../api/oauth2/token with post data

The repsonse is an access token which I can use to access the environment/ERP.

I can do these steps from the client side with JQuery, the only challenge (for the second step/post step) is CORS (now I have a workaround to achieve this from client side). Normally, I want to do the POST from the Rollbase server with a rbv_api.sendHttpPost. The POST has also a redirect_uri and should be the place where the POST has been done. Otherwise I'll get a "Bad Request". Again, from the client side with exactly the same name/value pairs for the POST will work, but is not in a secure way.

Do you have idea's/advices how we can implement this in a right and secure way?

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Posted by Orchid Corpin on 06-Feb-2015 11:40

Hi bakar,

I would suggest to use a Rollbase trigger with a type "Send HTTP POST Request" (go to Object Definition > Trigger > New Trigger > Send HTTP POST Request

... before you can use this you must have to create first a document template (go to Object Definition > Templates > New Document Template) where this template includes your data to be posted to your external system.



Posted by Orchid Corpin on 11-Feb-2015 09:53
Hi bakar,

Is there anything you want to add about this thread?

Posted by bakar on 11-Feb-2015 16:53

Hi Orchied,

Im busy with AngularJS with oAuth2 extension. I have managed to get the access & refresh tokens. It will take some time finish the interface ;)

Posted by Orchid Corpin on 11-Feb-2015 17:05

Sure, no worries! :)



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