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Posted by nidk on 04-Feb-2015 03:24


   I am use RB for a CRM of my enterprise.  In my work with RB , i encounter many difficulte and i want propose my idea for the futur for resolve this.

I develop tool for RB :

   -In Client  i use Typescript + knockout + jquery

   -In server u just user typescript

   -I user JaspersoftServer for report and print.

For server , i want a methode like this:

var obj = rbv_api.GetjsObjet(); where  properties is integration name.  I want write my code in VS and in RB , just type a generic methode exemple Customer.IsEditable().

Actyally, in Customer.IsEditable() i need query by id and mapping objet before my buisness test. It's very poorly perfomance.

Always in server side and private cloud, looding directly my own lib like rbv_api? actally a user templating {123#text} in debug is not practical.

For client Side:  my code is execute after your document.ready. And in all application a need write <scripte></script> for my js lib.

I want a possibility a write one generic code for all page. And possibility add code for you first call document.ready.(ex: create loading animation)

Actually a need overwitre your source, for this.

I hope , you listen my idea.

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Posted by Santosh Patel on 04-Feb-2015 03:55

From what I understood you need a central location to specify some javascript code that should execute with every page load, correct?

If yes, it is already available. You can goto Applications Setup > Your application > More Actions > Header and Footer

and add a <script></script> tag. This will make it part of this application and for all pages in this application.

Posted by nidk on 04-Feb-2015 04:12

I know , but

 It's execute after page : exemple a add button for page , is appair after page render,

  2nd i want a code for all application.

Global code -> Application Code -> Page Code . Global Code don't exist

Posted by Santosh Patel on 04-Feb-2015 04:31

Applications are self-contained entities that can be exported across instances, so a global code does not make general sense, although you may require it for multiple applications that  you are building. Having said that, I'd suggest you post this on the idea forum (

Adding scripts  to the header section i mentioned above, executes the script after loading Header and Sidebar and before rest of the content. A sample that I tried executed correctly without any visible delay.

$('#rb_search_container').prepend($("<input class='btn-primary btn' type='button' name='trial' value='trial'>"));

Do you have many elements on page or is it a simple page?

Posted by nidk on 04-Feb-2015 04:51

For idea forul , i first a see it , thx.

Yes , a loading template for creat print button with many report print (in jaspersoft) , a notifcation menu, ect...

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