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Posted by ithrees on 26-Jan-2015 22:21

Hi All,

Is it possible to refresh the screen with the a record view page when that record is modified through an external call? For example if my app is integrated with another application which will update my app's records, the modified record's view should be triggered to display in the view automatically.

Hopefully I have to call a page/link from the back-end. Is it possible with rollbase development? if yes, how?

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Posted by Gian Torralba on 27-Jan-2015 08:07


I think you are referring to a notification functionality. There are no default functionality for this but I think you can achieve this with the following:

1. Add a script in the view page that will save the "updated by token" value so that you can compare it later if there is a change in the record.
2. Add a setInterval method that will check if the records updated by value changes. You can use the rbf_selectNumber() method to check if the date values are not the same.
3. Add a script that will reload the page.

Hope this helps.

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