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Posted by ithrees on 22-Jan-2015 02:45

Hi All,

Is there any way I can generate a link from a portal or any other to update a specific record's field by clicking that link?

For example, I have a situation to get the confirmation from a list of people in my app. So I'll share this link via mail(different for each) by including the URL and once they click on the URL it should update the specific record's field to yes.

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Posted by Gian Torralba on 22-Jan-2015 08:50

I believe this is not possible without adding a script in the landing page of that link and using an rbf_setFieldValue() method to update that record's field to "yes". You can add an extra parameter in the url's link that will check if the rbf_setFieldValue() needs to be run.

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Posted by pvorobie on 22-Jan-2015 12:35

It is best to use Workflow Action to update record's state. Workflow Action can be represented by link, button, or template token.

Posted by Ricardo Rafols on 27-Jan-2015 14:12
You can send the URL’s by e-mail… when accessing the page, the viewed flag is updated.
Create a checkbox field called Viewed (my example: Leads object).
On portal page, click Properties:
Add the code  rbf_setField("lead", "{!id}", "viewed", "true", "no");  to onload event handler:
Access the portal page:
The viewed flag was updated:
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