Rollbase and oData

Posted by balcesme on 21-Jan-2015 09:23

Is it possible to interface with a oData service from Rollbase? anybody experiences with this? 

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Posted by pvorobie on 21-Jan-2015 11:04

We don't have built in support for oData, but we have powerful server-side API to construct various HTTP requests.

Posted by Godfrey Sorita on 21-Jan-2015 11:56

Hi Willem,

I was able to successfully get a response using the example on their website( Please use sendJSONRequest() in sending the requests. 

You can test it by pasting the code below on an Object Script Trigger in Rollbase. Then select "Debug Formula" to check the response.

var url = "";
var data = {"OData-Version":"4.0", "OData-MaxVersion":"4.0"};
var method = "GET";
var contentType = "application/json";
var resp = rbv_api.sendJSONRequest(url, data, method, contentType, null, null, null);



Posted by Sumit Sarkar on 21-Jan-2015 12:00

@balcesme - out of curiosity, is there a specific OData feed you're trying to consume from Rollbase?

Posted by mobiletest on 21-Jan-2015 12:39

Ok thanks all! I was curious whether it is possible or not.

Posted by Ricardo Rafols on 21-Jan-2015 12:45
You can use rbv_api.sendHttpGet(“ as well.
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Ok thanks all! I was curious whether it is possible or not.

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