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Posted by rptsolutionsgrp on 15-Jan-2015 13:36

Hi We have a concern, we are building a rollbase application(involving both web and mobile components) but are not sure about how to go with the licences. Is there a possiblity that with a single rollbase account(web and mobile) we can provide access to multiple end users and mobile devices.Is there a limit of how many end users or mobile devices can be active at moment simultaneously. Thanks, RPT Solutions Team

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Posted by Gian Torralba on 16-Jan-2015 08:21

I believe it is dependent on the subscription plan you are willing to get if you are using a Public Cloud Installation. If you are using a Private Cloud Installation, you can customize each plan by editing the servicelevel.xml file located in your Rollbase folder.

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Posted by smat-consulting on 16-Jan-2015 16:07

Make sure you're using private cloud. Hosted cloud limits record-number to 100.000 (i.e. about 15 MB db) - so for a real life app that option is pretty much out of the question, no matter the other potential limitations

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