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Posted by mysteryminds on 02-Jan-2015 14:27

Hello Gurus
Is there a way to show total number of Tasks permanently in the View section of the page right next to the TASKS pages here.... If so could you please guide me how....

I know the other way of doing it by  going under SELECT all tasks - Once its selected it shows the list of  all selected records 

but i would like to see that total in the first image location... HOW TO DO THAT please

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Posted by Gian Torralba on 02-Jan-2015 15:13


Can you confirm that this task object is the one associated with the calendar events? If so, it might be a defect since normal object's list view displays the total number of records beside the page number box.

Thank you,

Posted by mysteryminds on 02-Jan-2015 16:04

Gian - No I cannot see for any objects under our system. That't the reason why I've asked this question....

Posted by Gian Torralba on 06-Jan-2015 09:35


I believe this is a known issue even in the previous Rollbase versions. Please look at https://community.progress.com/.../6418.aspx

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