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Posted by mysteryminds on 01-Jan-2015 06:25

Hi RB Gurus
Happy New Year to All 

Can anyone tell me a way how to show list of states from a reference field of a X object in a list view as a PICKLIST

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Posted by Santosh Patel on 01-Jan-2015 23:48

To eliminate any ambiguity in your question.. could you give an example (fields, their types, etc). When you mention as a PICKLIST do you mean how they render in the UI or do you want actual picklist constructed from those values?

Posted by mysteryminds on 02-Jan-2015 04:32

Dear Santosh

My scenario

1. We have a Picklist STATES of the countries  - Picklist  from one object

2, I would like this picklist [states of the countries) to be shown in other object as a Picklist

Posted by Santosh Patel on 02-Jan-2015 05:14

I understood that you want to reuse picklist declared with  one object inside another object. Is this  understanding correct?

If  so,  you can declare your picklist as a shared one and then it can be referenced in other objects too. See and  option "Share as New"

Posted by mysteryminds on 02-Jan-2015 05:55


For now what I'm doing is that created a trigger which would populate based on the trigger  which is updating a Field  on running this trigger  you can see the screenshot attached. -  here the field is called  State(REA)

Where State(REA) pick list shoud show the value 

So when I'm using a workflow actions to update all those fields when I execute no values are being updated 

These are the workflow actions - in the list you can see 3 of them 
But only one is being updated but another 2 of them are blank

These are the Actions

Kindly HELP this is an emergency

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