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Posted by jsniemi79 on 18-Dec-2014 13:21

I am on a private cloud version of Rollbase.  I am trying to create an Edit page for a record that also contains a grid control for a related record.  I need to be able to use that control to update several records quickly.  The issue I am having is this page is behind a login.  My main object on the Edit page is not related to the portal visitor, so the security is set to let the portal visitor role view and edit records.  This part works fine.  

I need to limit the records on the related object within the grid control to only show those records attached to the portal user.  I have the permission setup on the relationship to allow the view and edit of those records.

When I login to the portal I get to my main object event page with a related list that only shows my records which is what I would expect. 

If I click the Reserve My Tickets button, it takes me to the edit page for the main object.  I can see the main object and edit the one field I have set to editable, but the related records are not visible in the grid control.

Should this be possible?  Do I have something setup incorrectly or is it a bug in the portal with the grid control?

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Posted by Orchid Corpin on 18-Dec-2014 14:55


I tried in RB v3.1.0.0 and I can edit the parent with the editable child grid on it. Do you have errors when trying to inspect element on the page (F12)?



Posted by jsniemi79 on 19-Dec-2014 08:29

I can edit the parent in this situation.  I just don't get the records I'd expect in the editable grid.  This is what the console shows on this page.

Posted by Orchid Corpin on 22-Dec-2014 12:20

Have you tried to check the permissions related to portal (View, Create and Edit) as the record is being shown in the portal page?



Posted by jsniemi79 on 22-Dec-2014 13:34

If I use those permissions on the child object, I get the records, but I get everything instead of just the ones for the portal visitor.

Posted by pvorobie on 22-Dec-2014 16:25

I confirm problem with relationship-based permissions in Grid control on portal pages. Tracking defect as PSC00324156

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