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Posted by on 10-Dec-2014 15:30

How to track the open status and number of times open status for email sent from Rollbase?

Step1: send Email from Rollbase

Step 2: Once user open the email

Step3: Opening email should somehow send the update to Rollbase for that user email to the customer zone.

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Posted by Gian Torralba on 11-Dec-2014 09:19

Unfortunately, there is no native functionality that allows Rollbase to automatically track opened emails since email softwares are working outside of a Rollbase application.

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Posted by on 11-Dec-2014 13:30

Any custom build?

is there way  by loading a impact in Email, it can call back rollbase?

Posted by Gian Torralba on 11-Dec-2014 14:10

I believe there are some but I don't think that you can limit the email software being used by the user.. I also don't know any specific method of doing it though. I believe there is a client that did create a tracking method in which they know if there is a sent email to or from a specific address.

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