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Posted by anu31221@gmail.com on 03-Dec-2014 16:33

How to redirect user after logoff from rollbase to custom PHP page.

Step1: User login from custom PHP page

Step2: User on rollbase CRM

Step3: User logoff on rollbase CRM

Step4: Current it takes user to the rollbase logoff screen

Question: How to redirect the user to customer page?

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Posted by Gian Torralba on 04-Dec-2014 08:15


If you are using a custom PHP login page, You can redirect the users after logout by adding the "rt" hidden token in the custom login form. Please see Chapter 13: Setup and Administration for ISVs > Creating a Custom Log In Page.

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Posted by anu31221@gmail.com on 19-Dec-2014 13:01

I have added into the public cloud. Still its not working

Here is the code

<form action="www.rollbase.com/.../Router" method="post" name="theForm">

<input type="hidden" name="act" value="login">

<input type="hidden" name="rt" value="http://domainname/login/">

<input name="errMsg" value="errMsg" type="hidden">

<table cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0>

Posted by pvorobie on 19-Dec-2014 13:13

Correction: you can use cookie "rootUrl". Set that cookie on login page, and upon logout the user will be redirected to URL stored in that cookie (if found on browser's side).

Posted by pvorobie on 19-Dec-2014 13:22

Using cookie is un-documented feature. "rt" parameter should be respected instead: PSC00324054

Posted by anu31221@gmail.com on 20-Dec-2014 17:17

How to setup up cookie?

Can you give example?

Posted by pvorobie on 22-Dec-2014 12:31

Actually setting "rt" parameter works as expected in my Test environment. I'd recommend you switch to Rollbase Private Cloud environment instead of using rollbase.com environment.

Posted by Ankit Goel on 23-Dec-2014 02:22

I just tried custom login using "rt" parameter on rollbase public cloud and it worked just as expected.

Are you noticing the problem in some particular scenario like leaving the browser untouched for a few hours? Or is it happening continuously?

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