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Posted by Fil on 02-Dec-2014 22:51


What is the recommended highest setting for maxRuntimeTriggers?

I have looked around and found this thread which is similar to what I am seeing. I create a record A which in turns creates 36 B child records in an on_create trigger. Each of those 36 child records runs 1 on_create trigger which updates a field on 2 related C child records. As a result of each of those updates, a single on_update trigger runs. This amounts to 3x36=108 triggers running on_create of my original A record which breaks the maxRuntimeTriggers setting (I'm getting the too many triggers error in the event log)

What is a safe setting? I would need to allow say 300-400 B child records on records of type A, which would means 900-1200 triggers needing to run.


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Posted by Gian Torralba on 03-Dec-2014 08:49


If you are using a Private Cloud Installation, You can set it to your desired value since there are no limits specified in the Rollbase User Guide. Take note that performance will also be affected if you try putting all triggers in a single process at once. I suggest you do a stress test on that process to see the impact of the trigger execution on your system. Creating separate process for creating and updating records is also one way to reduce the trigger running at the cost of users doing more actions in the application.

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