In a custom Java trigger I can't update the value of a f

Posted by nicoleta.riter on 23-Nov-2014 09:18


I am using a custom Java trigger on a Rollbase application, I am updating the value of a field from the trigger using m_data.setFieldValue("studentName", "John"), but I can't see this field being updated in Rollbase. I tried to run the trigger on Before Update, then on After Update and also OnFinalize, neither one showed the updated field. Any clue why?

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Posted by Manooj Murali on 24-Nov-2014 01:46

Hi -

Are you sure that the trigger is running at all?


Posted by nicoleta.riter on 25-Nov-2014 00:38

Yes, I am sure. From the trigger I am also calling a soap webservice and the request is being sent, and I receive a response. I would also like to update a value on Rollbase as well, but this is not working.

Posted by Manooj Murali on 25-Nov-2014 01:04

Ok. can you share your custom trigger? Also, are you using the field's integration name?

Posted by pvorobie on 01-Dec-2014 11:50

setFieldValue() API does not save change sin database. To make change persistent please use API which invokes Transaction instance, such as DataFieldHandler.setField()

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