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Posted by nitharshank@hotmail.com on 17-Nov-2014 02:31

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I want to perform a file upload, from local machine to specific server location. Can anybody guide me to do this?  and I am open to using javascript, jQuery and other necessary plugins

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Posted by Gian Torralba on 17-Nov-2014 07:35

You can only change the upload directory path if you are using a Private Cloud Installation of Rollbase. Please bear in mind that this will affect all customers in that Private Cloud Installation. Please see Chapter 12: Installing and Administering Private Cloud > Configuration File Reference > components.xml File. To set the upload file directory, add a new line in the storage XML section in the components.xml file and add ROOT/storage where ROOT is shared Rollbase directory.

Note: StorateDir is listed in the document and I didn't tested it yet if it's just a typo.

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