Maintaining Apps Across Multiple Separate Rollbase Private C

Posted by awbranch on 13-Nov-2014 13:21

Suppose I have a Rollbase App that was developed on Customer A's private cloud. Then suppose I want to install that same app on Customers B's private cloud. 

Question #1 - How does Rollbase prevent original ID clashes from A to B. What happens if there is a clash? Are new original ID's generated on B?

Now suppose furthermore that some customization was done on B's cloud to the app's code.

Then down the road new features are also added to to A's cloud.

Question #2 - How do I merge the changes from A to B with out overwriting the changes on B?

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Posted by Godfrey Sorita on 14-Nov-2014 12:35
Hi Andrew,

This is an extremely rare scenario but it could happen. So far, I was only able to simulate the issue by manually changing the Original ID of an object via application XML.

Scenario 1: CusA's object has the same Original ID with CusB's object.
The object from CustA is not added as a new object to CustB. Instead, it appends new components like views and pages to the object who has the same Original ID.

Scenario 2: The 2 objects have been updated differently since #1 and the application XML from CusA is used to update CusB.
If the integration name of components of CusA already exists in CusB, these components are skipped. Otherwise, the components are appended to CusB.

I have yet to check how Rollbase prevents clashes with Original IDs.

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