Accesing children of Rollbase objects in a custom Java trigg

Posted by nicoleta.riter on 13-Nov-2014 07:34


We are using a custom Java trigger when creating/updating an object. Object has a parent-child relation to another object. We can see the parent object information in the trigger method, but we also need children object information. Is there a way we can see/get child object information in a trigger set on the parent object of a relation?

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Posted by Gian Torralba on 13-Nov-2014 09:10


Can you provide the code you are using for this custom java trigger?

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Posted by nicoleta.riter on 13-Nov-2014 09:56

I can not provide the exact code, but this is a glance of what I am trying:

public class CustomTrigger extends RuntimeTrigger {

public CustomTrigger(TriggerDef triggerDef, DataObject data,

Date eventDate) {

super(triggerDef, data, eventDate);



public void trigger(TriggerRunner triggerRunner) throws Exception {

Person person = new Person();

String name = m_data.getFieldValue("name").toString();

String surname = m_data.getFieldValue("surname").toString();

// get relatives of a person from a child table of Person

List<Relatives> relatives = m_data.getFieldValue("relatives");



The problem that I'm facing is as follows: I have a trigger in Rollbase on table A, and table A has a one to many relation with table B, in Java when I access m_data object, I can see all fields of table A, but the fields of B look like this: [J@6ea4a825. Is there a posibility to get the list of B objects from this [J@6ea4a825?

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Excuse me for asking but,

Why do you feel the need of having a custom Java trigger?

We have been using Rollbase for 3 years on advanced issues and we never really needed it and always found workarounds in Rollbase.



Posted by nicoleta.riter on 13-Nov-2014 10:10

We need to call a soap webservice and this is the current solution that we have.

Posted by Gian Torralba on 13-Nov-2014 10:17


Since you have a 1-many relationship it might be returning an array of data. Can you parse the return value to see if it is indeed an array?

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Posted by Gian Torralba on 13-Nov-2014 10:26


I am reading the Java document and there is a Java method called getAllRelated(). I think this is what you need to get all related object's field info and then use the getFieldValue again for each return object.

Let me know if I understand the question.

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Posted by nicoleta.riter on 13-Nov-2014 10:41


Can you send a link with the Java document where you found this information? The object that I am using, m_data, does not have method getAllRelated() available.

Yes, you understood the question well.

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Posted by pvorobie on 13-Nov-2014 10:58

You can use APIs defined in RelationshipHandler class:

RelationshipHandler.getObjects(RelationshipDef rel, DataObject data1, com.rb.util.interfaces.IUser user)

Posted by Gian Torralba on 13-Nov-2014 10:59


You can access it here:

After logging in, you can download the Custom Development Toolkit zip file. After downloading the file you can open the html page from customt > JavaDoc > index.html and go to the Relationship Class Page.

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