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Posted by ByronB on 10-Nov-2014 11:32

Hi, what is the best way to do performance / load testing on the private cloud? I have used a tool to simulate a certain scenario (View records, edit records and perform searches) but as soon as I increase the number of virtual users the user being authenticated gets logged out. According to their documentation it could be:

Errors Occurring Under Mass Load
If a test passes for one or several virtual users, but fails for a greater number of virtual users, this may mean that the server is protected against denial of service (DoS) attacks. The host’s proxy server or router may include delayed binding and rate limiting capabilities that may treat requests from numerous virtual users as a DoS attack and forcibly close the corresponding connections. A typical symptom of such an issue is that the last response from the server does not contain the Connection: Close directive.

If this is the case then what is the best way to test the private cloud's transactional response times as well as server load etc over a specific scenario? Normal website load testing.

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Posted by Godfrey Sorita on 10-Nov-2014 12:06
Hi Byron,

Can you provide more information on the tool you were using for load testing? How many virtual users were you trying to login? Are they using different login credentials?

Take note that a user session expires when another user is attempts to login with the same credentials. If you're testing with concurrent multiple virtual users, then you should create the same number of user records in Rollbase.

Also, please check the file of your private cloud and increase the parameters needed for your testing. This link provides detailed description of each parameters:

Posted by ByronB on 10-Nov-2014 12:13

Hi Godfrey

We are using Smartbear LoadComplete 3, using one set of credentials (LoadComplete uses virtual users). If we use any more than 1 user we get errors. As a part of the scenario recording we started by logging in via the login page but we figured as much that the sessions were getting closed everytime a new session was started. I tried creating a scenario to login (1 user) and another (5+ users) to do the workload but the same behaviour was still happening.

Which tool is the best to test load and performance?

Thanks, i will refer to the provided documentation.

Posted by Godfrey Sorita on 02-Dec-2014 13:07
Hi Byron,

You can use Neoload to perform load testing on Rollbase private instance. This tool lets you record set of actions per virtual user. For example, User1 creates records on object A while User2 creates records on object B.

I was able to perform multi-user testing by creating multiple user accounts and assigning each to 1 virtual user in Neoload. The tool also provides testing summary after running a scenario.

Please check Neoload's documentation for the basic and advanced topics.

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