Trial Expiration Date And Renewal Date

Posted by ithrees on 04-Nov-2014 05:37

Hi All,

Can you please elaborate me on What are these two dates and how they are related to a trial account and a paying account?

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Posted by Godfrey Sorita on 04-Nov-2014 08:18

Hi ithrees,

Users belonging to the customer tenant will no longer be able to login when the trial expiration date has been reached. The value of this field can be changed manually to either lengthen or shorten the trial period. Use an empty value to permanently activate a tenant.

You also need to unload and load in order to pick up the new settings.

I will get back to you on the purpose of renewal date shortly.


Posted by Godfrey Sorita on 04-Nov-2014 08:49

On a default private cloud setup, the "Renewal Date" field doesn't seem to have any bearing on the customer object. You can use it on workflows and triggers though.

Posted by ithrees on 04-Nov-2014 23:08

Thank you Godfrey,

And can you tell me how to set the expiration date and display it on the subscription detail for a paying customer? If I set to trial expiration date it says trial account expires in # of days even its a paid account and 'Paying Customer' option checked.



Posted by Godfrey Sorita on 05-Nov-2014 11:52

Using your master tenant account, navigate to System Console -> Customers to display the list of customer tenants in your instance. Then, select a customer record to edit. The Trial Expiration Date field is displayed in the edit page by default. 

The Expiration Date field should be displayed on the Subscription Details page - I'm using version

Can you also send a screenshot?

If you want to remove the Trial Days Remaining notification(screenshot below), set the Expiration Date to empty. 

Posted by Varun Tayal on 07-Nov-2014 05:14

If you don't want to see the "trial days remaining" for a paid customer then ideally you should remove the Expiration date for all your paid customers. For this purpose you can you Mass update option in Customers List View.

Posted by ithrees on 10-Nov-2014 22:12

Hi Godfrey and vtayal,

I think the paid customer should be able see his expiration date and the number of days remaining without saying it is a trial. If we remove both how an user can determine his usage period?

Posted by Varun Tayal on 10-Nov-2014 23:21


Valid point. But a paid customer does not need to see this date all the time. So ideally for a paid customer we should set the Renewal date instead of Expiration Date. Currently I don't think it is displayed on Subscription Details page. I have logged an enhancement for this.

You can always send notifications to the customer based on when his renewal date is approaching.

So just to be clear- Trial Expiration Date is for non paying customers who are in trial period and any customer with this date will see the Trial Days Remaining Widget.

For Paying Customer Trial Expiration Date should be Empty and Renewal Date should be set instead.

Posted by ithrees on 11-Nov-2014 00:45

Hi vtayal,

Thank you for you replay.

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