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Posted by HosnyA on 03-Nov-2014 11:52

I have installed Rb Private cloud and applied our license. When I try to use RB I am unable to load any pages without the port number after the host URl.. For example;

http://<our_host_URL>/router/login/loginPrivate.jsp? doesn't work, but http://<our_host_URL>:8830/router/login/loginPrivate.jsp? works.

Once logged in using the above URL (with port), it redirects to http://<our_host_URL>/master/m/main.jsp?appId=2552&tabId=2531, but doesn't work. However if I amend the URL to http://<our_host_URL>:8830/master/m/main.jsp?appId=2552&tabId=2531, the page loads.

Any solutions?

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Posted by Orchid Corpin on 03-Nov-2014 16:09


This seems to be a tomcat configurations. I am not sure if there are Rollbase setup for this but through some googling I saw this "How To" in tomcat's site tomcat.apache.org/.../proxy-howto.html

Hope this may help.



Posted by Varun Tayal on 04-Nov-2014 04:00

Are you using your own (existing) Tomcat installation or Are you using the one installed with RB?

Posted by HosnyA on 04-Nov-2014 04:48

I am using the one provided with Rollbase (PAS_Instance).

Posted by Orchid Corpin on 05-Nov-2014 08:43

Got the idea from the team. Go to your server.xml and change the port="${psc.as.https.port}" to port = "80" this works for me when I tried to access http://localhost/router/login/loginPrivate.jsp? instead of having localhost:8080


Posted by HosnyA on 05-Nov-2014 10:29

I tried this, the login page loads without having to use the port. However it doesn't accept the login credentials now

Error message: "Error: Connection refused: connect"

Posted by Orchid Corpin on 05-Nov-2014 12:39

I see, sorry I left out the other two files to be configured.

In the directory Pas_Instance\rollbase\config\shared.properties: 

Change the HostName=localhost:8830 to HostName=localhost:80 

and WebSiteHTTP=http://localhost:8830 to WebSiteHTTP=http://localhost:80

In the directory Pas_Instance\rollbase\config\components.xml:

Change ALL the ports in the <InternalRoot> tag from :8830 to :80. There could be 8 or 9 InternalRoot tags.

Restart Tomcat.




Posted by HosnyA on 06-Nov-2014 03:26

Thanks Orchid. I have changed all http ports to 80 and https ports to 443 in the above mentioned files located in the Pas and Pas_instance folder. I hope I have done the right thing and not broken anything.

I  am puzzled as to the complexity of a seemingly straightforward installation and the lack of documentation. I am sure we are not the first client to install RB cloud with Pas or have we done something drastically wrong?

Posted by Orchid Corpin on 06-Nov-2014 12:05

This is something to do with security that is why Rollbase default port to 8830 and not port 80 (which is common).

Let's say I am an attacker and you use 80 or 443 I may know already that ports because I can directly browse your site. So, most probably I will not suggest using it? :)

So far I think it is safe to change those files and didn't see any negative effects in changing those. The documentation says don't change those file while tomcat is running and must restart tomcat after changes has been applied. 

See documentation Chapter 12 > Configuration File Reference http://documentation.progress.com/output/Rollbase/RB_User_Guide.pdf



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