Add inline css/ Hosted file in to the portal page

Posted by on 31-Oct-2014 07:12

I'm new to Rollbase. I would like to add inline CSS on the portal page. I have added the HTML component to the page and tried to add some style attributes enclosed within style tag. However it will not create any effect on the HTML content.

What I'm looking for is showing some object records(using select query) into a table incorporated with some CSS styles.

Can anyone help. I will appreciate your help. 

Thanks in advance.

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Posted by Gian Torralba on 31-Oct-2014 10:27


You can manipulate the html layout by adding the section in the header section of your portal page. It should work fine as long as you are referencing the correct element's class or ID. You can also add inline style to an html element. e.g (


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