Could not find NFC plugin in Android Source of rollbase mob

Posted by ithrees on 31-Oct-2014 00:24


The NFC plugin which was there in the source tab under ANDROID node could not be seen now in the rollbase mobile app designer now. Has it been moved or removed?


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Posted by egarcia on 31-Oct-2014 05:40


When did you see it there?

I took at the Android Cordova plugins page back on Oct 22 when answering your question on another thread and do not remember seeing it there. (I then suggested to use plugin

Perhaps someone else in this forum or the Mobile forum would be able to confirm on the plugins.

Thank you and regards.

Posted by ithrees on 02-Nov-2014 21:54


I think I saw it on Oct 27. It was listed after 'BarcodeScanner'.


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