How do you guys do version control in Rollbase?

Posted by victorshi on 30-Oct-2014 22:38

Hi Guys

I am new to RB. I am about to start a formal project using RB. But when I look at the RB, I didn't see any built-in function about version control and stuffs like unit test. Just wonder how do you guys do this kind of tasks?


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Posted by Godfrey Sorita on 31-Oct-2014 09:12
Hi Victor,

You can use the "Generate XML" feature to generate and save an application in XML format. The resulting XML can be used to install the application to other Rollbase tenants or to update the same application into another version.

Unit testing is done manually. Though, you can use "Performance Audit" to:

1. Validate all formulas used by your objects and display any errors.
2. Check whether formulas are using loops through related records. Loops are inefficient and should be replaced with Query API methods whenever possible.
3. Check whether views are using template and formula fields that can decrease performance.

Posted by victorshi on 02-Nov-2014 15:16

Thanks Godfrey

Still have some questions around the version control. I have tried to export my application to xml. But I found all the html & javascript code had been changed to base64 format. In this case, how should I check which has been changed in each version?

Posted by Godfrey Sorita on 03-Nov-2014 10:19

When updating an application, RB does not tell which component has been modified. It simply overwrites the current version.

You can perform partial updates by unchecking checkboxes of components that you don't want to update or overwirte.

Components that have been deleted from the version you are installing are shown at the bottom of the tree with an (-) icon. If checked, these components will be deleted after the update is complete. If left unchecked, these components will not be deleted.

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