dynamic filterable table in portal - best approach?

Posted by gwf on 24-Oct-2014 10:46

I want to build a portal page that shows a table that the user can filter dynamically, with two sets of picklist filters: one set to select which records will be shown across rows, and another set to determine which fields will be displayed down columns. (For simplicity let's say we're only dealing with one object without any grid mapping.)

As an illustration, with an object representing past sales of a company: the user can select from the first set to display sales from certain regions, or above a certain dollar value, or of a certain product, and then from the second set to determine that the fields displayed down the columns will be the ones related to financial information about the sale, or customer information, or product details.

I believe I should be building this with javascript components on a portal page, but before I go down that road too far, is there a better approach? Is there any way to use the built-in views or reports to do something like this?

Any suggestions will be much appreciated!

Thank you,


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Posted by Orchid Corpin on 24-Oct-2014 11:22


Rollbase portal can have Detailed search on the list views, from there you can add your lookups to be use in as filter values. I am not sure if something like this that you want, see image below. 



Posted by gwf on 24-Oct-2014 13:39

Thank you, Orchid. That is useful for the search function in our portal but not quite as flexible as I need for another view to be able to filter and access data dynamically. Would reports provide such functionality?



Posted by Orchid Corpin on 24-Oct-2014 15:12

Hi Greg,

No filtering yet for reports in portal page, filter like this on reports are available on native app (non-portal) only. You can file this as an enhancement to the product.

If you want to switch on other views you can actually enable the view selector too. 



Posted by gwf on 24-Oct-2014 15:24

Thank you, Orchid!


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