How can i restrict users to not modify the default vales in

Posted by Sudhakar on 24-Oct-2014 07:42

Hi all,

We are trying to assign default values as "0"  to native fields(Data type::Integer,Decimal) in specific  status page and also we do not want to give option to user  to change those default values.

i have tried to add script in page load for that specific page and able to get default values but i am not able to get how to restrict the user to modify the values.

Kindly suggest me how can i restrict user to modify those values which are assigned as default.


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Posted by Godfrey Sorita on 24-Oct-2014 09:15

Hi Sudhakar,

Please use the code below to make the field read only:

$(function() {
  field = 'number_1'; //integration name of the field



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