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Since Rollbase 3.0 and now in 4.0 as well (tried it on Hosted Cloud), the view selector disappears on portal pages.

This happens when changing the view and when a view retrieves no records.

You can try it here and notice the problem:

(You can use login "romain" and password "romain").

You can see that only one job exists which is active. When I select the view "All inactive jobs", no jobs can be seen (which is normal because there are no "inactive jobs"). However, the view selector also disappears which makes it impossible to go back to the "All active jobs" or "All jobs" view.

This problem had already occured in a past release and we had already asked for a fix.
This had been done and the problem had been fixed in Rollbase 2.0.

It doesn't work anymore since Rollbase 3.0.

On another note, I tried to create a support ticket for this but wasn't able to. Seems like my account has expired and thus I cannot create any new support ticket or even list my old tickets. I get the following message:

"Sorry, our records indicate that you do not have an active plan that includes a level of support which allows you to use the Progress Technical Support."

Can you fix the view problem and grant me access to SupportLink?

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Posted by Godfrey Sorita on 21-Oct-2014 10:30
Defect PSC00317162 has been filed for this issue.
Posted by Anoop Premachandran on 10-Sep-2015 00:32

This is fixed in Rollbase 3.1

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