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We noticed many problems when having a field's integration name containing accents. ("àéèêëûîùç...")

For instance, the field cannot be used in document templates or email templates if its integration name contains an accent. Also, Rollbase doesn't detect that the integration name is already in use when having a field with the integration name "hëllo" and another one called "hello", which then causes a MySQL integrity constraint violation.

These are just a few exemples of errors that we have discovered when creating a field with accents in its integration name.
Since we know that, we are very carefull about our integration names and try not to include any accent in it.

The problem is that some of our customers also have administrator accounts and are able create fields without knowing that accents may cause problems.

Furthermore, when creating a new Field in a Rollbase object, the "integration name" field is filled up automatically after having set the name field.
For instance, when creating a field and setting it the name "My Field", the integration name field is automatically set to "my_field". When creating a field called "Employé du mois", the integration name is filled up with "employé_du_mois". (It contains an accent "é").

Could the JavaScript function which automatically updates the "integration name" field be modified to not include accents?
Or could the creation of the field be blocked if an accent is detected in the integration name?

This would help tremendously to avoid our problems encountered with accents.

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Posted by Rob Debbage on 15-Oct-2014 09:11

Hello Romain,

I believe that the behaviour that you describe is expected, relating to the underlying database (MySQL) being accent insensitive. I base this on your description of "Hello" evaluating the same as "Hëllo"; Although "e" and "ë" have different character codes, they end up with the same weight and compare as equal, resulting in the constraint violation. Per our current documentation, there is no restriction on the use of accented characters:

At the moment, the issue sounds more like an enhancement request than a product fault, but I would like to assess further. Please could you let me know the following?

- When exactly does the MySQL integrity constraint violation occur?
- Can you recover after the error occurs? E.g. can you just go back and change the Integration Name and successfully re-submit ?
- You mentioned that allowing accents in the integration name causes other problems as well. Please could you provide examples / scenarios ?

Thank you in advance for your feedback.

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