DataObject with id 51 not found

Posted by jimgelly on 09-Oct-2014 23:53

We are connected to our own private cloud OPENEDGE 11.3.2 database with rollbase tables.

We have a created object for the order table and for same object i have object edit portal page. We can create and update the database object - but when we update or delete the object we received "Object with id 51 not found" and takes me to the main detail page with id 51.

This was reported back in April and the response was it was know and fixed.

We are on Rollbase 3.0.4 and the error still occurs.

We would appreciate some feedback on what might be happeing here.



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Posted by pvorobie on 10-Oct-2014 11:21

So you have error only on portal page? Please provide detailed steps to reproduce the problem.

Posted by Orchid Corpin on 29-Oct-2014 13:09
Hi Jim,

Is the issue has been fixed or not?
If not, followup for the steps to reproduce on this issue.

Posted by jimgelly on 29-Oct-2014 20:14

Hello Orchid,

We were attempting to use the Openedge database external objects directly connected to rollbase in a private cloud environment.

We have since ceased going down this path and are not pursuing the JSDO Path via the rest broker.

We still have an issue with UPDATE and DELETE operations to the Openedge database via JSDO but we are longer receiving the DataObject with id 51 not found error.



Posted by Rajkumar Mateti on 30-Oct-2014 04:28

Hi jimgelly,

If you are trying to perform CRUD operations on OE service objects(created using JSDO) from portals. We have an issue for this.

And the issue is fixed, it will be available in next release 3.1 (expected in December).



Posted by pvorobie on 30-Oct-2014 11:17

Fixed as PSC00312175

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