GMail Two Step Authentication

Posted by dubosegriffin on 09-Oct-2014 05:56

We would like to use the GMail integration feature in rollbase. We have google business and have two-step verification turned on. It seems that this is preventing this integration. Is there any news related on how to set this up correctly?

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Posted by dubosegriffin on 09-Oct-2014 07:28

I am unable to delete this post, but at this time my gmail emails are coming through fine. I think our gmail integration issues were fixed in a recent update. However, "events" in the rollbase calendar are not pushing to my gmail calendar. I have settings turned on for the gmail calendar sync. Thanks for any knowledge around this issue.

Posted by Orchid Corpin on 09-Oct-2014 10:24
Try to add "" in your "Google User Name" from your user account.

Posted by Orchid Corpin on 28-Oct-2014 13:32

Is the issue have been fixed or do you have any followup questions regarding this issue?
Thank you.

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