Accessing RESTful web services from rollbase application

Posted by ithrees on 30-Sep-2014 07:45

Hi All,

A rollbase application need to access set of defined RESTful services from another service provider. This will include calling the REST service by passing parameters from the application and using the response for the call application need to react.

Hoping this is possible in rollbase, Can you please elaborate the steps involved in this process?

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Posted by Manooj Murali on 30-Sep-2014 08:38

Please see if you can get what you need by using HTTP Triggers (

Posted by Godfrey Sorita on 30-Sep-2014 17:30

You can use this sample application as a reference in sending REST requests and receiving responses. 

Once you are able to install the application, create a transaction record. This action sends a request to a test REST Service ( and stores the result to the 'Response' field. The result varies depending on the transaction number you enter. 

Posted by ithrees on 01-Oct-2014 01:23

Thank you Manooj and Godfrey.

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