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Posted by Pradeep143 on 25-Sep-2014 03:59

Hi All,

Can any one tell me the steps to connect an external database to my mobile app.

Database is in 11.3 version of progress.

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Posted by Rob Debbage on 25-Sep-2014 05:57

Hi there,

Normally you would not be connecting from your mobile application to a database directly. Instead your application would makes calls to a REST service, with the service acting as an interface to a database. For example, if using an OpenEdge REST service, calls made to it are ultimately processed by an OpenEdge AppServer; it is the AppServer Agent that is connected directly to the database.

The product documentation has more information about the architecture of Mobile applications. I would suggest reviewing the Progress® Rollbase® User's Guide (available here and the OpenEdge® Development:Mobile Applications manual (available here

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Posted by Anil Kumar on 25-Sep-2014 06:07

Hi Pradeep,
If I understand your question correctly you want to use OpenEdge 11.3 database as your backend for the Rollbase Mobile application i.e., all the data from the Rollbase Mobile app should be placed in the OpenEdge database.
If my assumption is right then you can install Rollbase Private cloud (3.0.2) using OpenEdge database (by default ships with OpenEdge 11.3.2 version) or MySQL Server, create few objects in Rollbase using ‘External Tables’ model (such that the objects are available in Rollbase natively) and develop a mobile application using the same objects.
The other case is using the OpenEdge service objects, through this mechanism you can create an object in Rollbase using the catalog file (.json) generated in OpenEdge and with those objects one can create a mobile application by exporting specific views to be part of mobile app. This mechanism works with OpenEdge Appserver via the REST (or Mobile) services.
Design Time       :               .json (catalog file) -> RB Object creation -> Create mobile app using those objects
Runtime               :               Mobile Emulator -> RB Object -> OpenEdge Appserver -> OE database.
Hope this helps.
Thanks and Regards,
Anil Kumar.
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Hi All,

Can any one tell me the steps to connect an external database to my mobile app.

Database is in 11.3 version of progress.

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Posted by gus on 25-Sep-2014 09:56

the term "external database" is a misnomer and does not mean what you probably think it means.

all of the various tables and indexes that rollbase uses to store data for its normal operation are loaded and populated in the database you choose when you install rollbase on-premise (private cloud is a misnomer too -- there is no cloud) on your own server machine. whatever database you pick to house these tables gets a schema namespace wherein the rollbase tables live. the term "external tables" means /external to the rollbase schema namespace/ but in another namespace in the /same database/.

this means that you cannot use rollbase with mysal and also have the "external tables" in an OpenEdge RDBMS (or any other combination of two databases).

there is another way though. the OpenEdge RDBMS has a feature that is called "auxiliary tables". this allows you to link two OpenEdge databases together, with one being primary and one being "auxiliary". If you put the rollbase tables into the primary and link from it to the auxiliary, then when rollbase connects to the primary, under the covers we also connect to the auxiliary with the same user credentials and rollbase is none the wiser. to rollbase it appears as though there is one database that contains both sets of tables. there is a disadvantage though -- the auxiliary database is read only.

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