Extra filtered list of WorkFlow-Actions when added as a colo

Posted by smartsysISV on 13-Sep-2014 14:44

I would be happy if someone could tell me how to filter the read-only field "Workflow-Actions" when this this field  where added to a view.

Ex. In this list I obly want to list the actions which where rendered as a button. If not, this list is going to be to big.

If it isn't any solutions or workarounds today, i will put this in the idea section.

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Posted by Gian Torralba on 15-Sep-2014 12:15


You can add a code in the formula condition for each workflow action so that it will display the action link based on the condition you specified in the formula. You can find it in the action condition formula section in the workflow action page.

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Posted by smartsysISV on 15-Sep-2014 17:06

Yes, but after this formula condition i want to do some more filtering in the wf-actions coloumn in a object-view.

In a page we can"filter" with" Show as button" or not.

Is it possible to only show the wf's (with formula condition=true and) "Show as button" checked, in a view(list)?

Posted by Gian Torralba on 15-Sep-2014 19:05

You can just add the condition for all the workflow action so that the buttons showed in the page view are identical to the workflow action links displayed in the list view. You can also create your own custom validation in the wf action formula to achieve this.

var button_showed = true; /*this tags this workflow action if it is also displayed in the page view show as button*/

if(condition == true && button_showed){
    return true;

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Posted by smartsysISV on 15-Sep-2014 19:24

Yes, but how can i filtered the wf listed in the Action coloumn in a view?

This filter need to be aplyed after theformula condition, becuse the formula condition is the same on the acton-coloumn in a view and on the objects view page.

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