How create user by rbv_api ?

Posted by nidk on 10-Sep-2014 05:54


  when use rbv_api.createRecord for user object ,  i don't init value for 3 field ; timezone dateFormat and language

my sample:

var val = new Array();

val["language"] = "fr";

val["timeZone"] ="Europe/Dublin";

val["dateFormat"] =1;

.... other field

   rbv_api.createRecord("USER", val);           

User is created , but this 3 field is not init.

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Posted by nidk on 10-Sep-2014 07:34

when a setverbose i watch this:

[ R_Collaborateur=>[J@503a13f5, lastName=>TEST, email=>, manager_id=>0, role=>13709, dateFormat=>NULL, timeZone=>NULL, language=>NULL, firstName=>T, loginName=>,  ]

rollbase remplace value by null , i thinx is readonly property ?

Posted by Orchid Corpin on 10-Sep-2014 12:13

Hi nidk,

I tested this issue and I couldn't set those 3 fields too. Will going to raise this to the team. Anyway are you creating a new user from different object? or is your trigger came from different object? In this case you can use Data Map instead and a create new record trigger.



Posted by pvorobie on 10-Sep-2014 12:37

I will file a bug on this.

Posted by Orchid Corpin on 29-Sep-2014 15:27
Hi nidk,

Some status updates on defect PSC00313507 has been closed and Planned to include the fixes for release.
Thank you.

Posted by nidk on 30-Sep-2014 02:32

thx :),

when release come ?

And i have recently install the 3.0.2 release but i have a another bug with user. When user is not in admin group i have don't acces at user object .

When add user tab in application, i don't see anything but i may create a user!!!

When use javascript query return null.

is it a bug ?

Posted by Orchid Corpin on 09-Oct-2014 10:34
4.0 will be 1st quarter for 2015 but still it is tentative.
For your user problem try to edit the USER object > go to Object Attributes and Uncheck the Organization
Let me know if you still can't see other users when not an Admin.

Posted by nidk on 14-Oct-2014 05:12

Thx , is good.

Posted by Orchid Corpin on 12-Dec-2014 08:24
Defect PSC00313507 was fixed in

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