Rollbase 3.0 Private Cloud french translation issue

Posted by mihai_neagoe on 29-Aug-2014 04:37


I installed Rollbase 3.0 Private Cloud and created a Customer which has French language setting. In 2.2 the translation worked ok, in 3.0 special characters are not displayed correctly.

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Posted by Sven Cuypers on 29-Aug-2014 05:41

Hi Mihai,

I have been able to reproduce this issue over here and I have filed defect PSC00312717 to get this fixed.
As soon as I have more info in regards to when this will be fixed, I'll let you know.

Kind regards,

Posted by araqiel on 02-Sep-2014 07:17

Edit : delete this reply please.

Posted by Sven Cuypers on 09-Dec-2014 03:29

Hi Mihai,

The defect that has been created for your translation issue has been resolved and the issue is fixed in Rollbase version 3.1.

Kind regards,


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