Examples to implement concatpdf()

Posted by LBOWMAN on 25-Jun-2014 13:54

We would like to see examples on how to implement concatpdf ()

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Posted by Mani Kumar on 25-Jun-2014 18:59


rbv_api.concatPDF(), concatenates two or more PDF documents specified as base-64 encoded strings.


rbv_api.concatPDF(encodedValue1, encodedValue2, …)

Specific example

var pdf1 = rbv_api.getBinaryData("document", {!id}, "pdf_file1");

var pdf2 = rbv_api.getBinaryData("document", {!id}, "pdf_file2");

var pdf3 = rbv_api.concatPDF(pdf1, pdf2);

rbv_api.setBinaryFieldValue("document", {!id}, "pdf_file3", pdf3,

"application/pdf", "merged.pdf");



Posted by cprak on 26-Jun-2014 10:29

Hi Leslie,

For reference of our official documentation, "Rollbase in Action":

getBinaryData(), retrieves the binary interpretation a File field.
Middle of page 438

concatpdf(), appends a series of pdf documents (supplied via arguments as binary data) and returns binary data of the concatenation.
Bottom of page 201

setBinaryField() method, assigns a value for a field of a record.
After the concatpdf() method is used to append two PDF files (returning the result), this method is used to assign the PDF (binary value returned from concatpdf()) to a specified field.
Bottom of page 491


- Use getBinaryData to retrieve the binary values of the PDF
- concatpdf() will append the different pdf files. Values from getBinaryData() will be supplied to concatpdf() as arguments.
- The result of concatpdf() will be supplied as an argument (among other values to specify the precise field) to setBinaryData(), which will place the concatenated PDF file in the field.

I hope this helps, let me know if you'd like me to elaborate on any points.

Corey Prak

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