how to return array in eval block

Posted by on 06-Jun-2014 02:35

Hi I have a 2day array with values I needed to display in my eval block. The problem is whenever is that EVAL is string returning which means that whenever i pass the array itself, Rollbase converts it to string. Are there any other ways of passing a 2 d array from the eval block?

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Posted by Santosh Patel on 06-Jun-2014 02:54

Try encapsulating the script in a function and pass it to Eval. Check out

Posted by on 06-Jun-2014 03:56

Hi Santosh,

I am very sorry for the confusion

I actually have a 2day array from my eval function and i want to return it to my script. The problem is that rollbase converts returns from evals into strings. Are there any workarounds with this?

var arr = [tag:EVAL]


var email = rbv_api.selectQuery("SELECT email, id FROM collector",20000);

return email;];

Posted by IramK on 03-Oct-2016 08:31

Any luck with this answer?

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