How to map My comapany site to Rollbase Portals

Posted by Sudhakar on 03-Feb-2014 10:11

Hi all,

i am developing my company website in HTML, How to run the company website in rollbase portal??

Please can someone help me on same.



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Posted by Laurent on 03-Feb-2014 10:30

By developing your website in HTML, do you mean static HTML, or something else? In a portal you can create generic Web pages where you can insert whatever HTML you like.

Posted by Sudhakar on 03-Feb-2014 10:32

i developed my complete company site in by using HTML,CSS,Java Script instead of Hosting it in google, i want to run the site in rollbase portals

Posted by sidury on 03-Feb-2014 10:57

Hi Sudhakar,

You might need to create some generic web pages (with your HTML) and Rollbase objects depending on your requirement. You can use your custom CSS, JavaScript as hosted files in Rollbase.

Portals and Hosted files are discussed in documentation -

Hope this helps.

Thank you.

Posted by Sudhakar on 03-Feb-2014 12:46

Thank you @sidury. able to get CSS  styles.How to navigate to other HTML pages

in Rollbase(Quick quote,home value finder,rate notifier,etc.. are my HTML pages) 

Posted by sidury on 03-Feb-2014 13:33


Page Editor has tokens with links to all portal pages. You can drag the links to the portal page in the editor.

Also, do not hard-code pages IDs or any other IDs, use template tokens, as IDs will change after installation into another tenant.


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