rbv_api.selectQuery returning only first value of field

Posted by smartsysISV on 17-Jan-2014 06:50

If I try this query:

select id, customers from pricelist where id=....

and the field customers is a many-to-many field, the result only show one (the first) customer?

How can I use a select-query to get an array of customers in the result?

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Posted by Pradeep Kagithalagudem on 20-Jan-2014 04:47

For your case the query will not work as it is many to many relationship. You can use rbv_api.getRelatedIds API or template loop.

Posted by john cruze on 06-Apr-2016 08:35

Hi all,

My question is -  I have an object say "A" where i need to select user and provide his rating through grid control. A user can have many rating. Say- user "abc" has given 5 ratings - "1,2,3,4,5" so I calculated average of all the ratings in the grid by creating a read only field in grid. This is done.

Now i want to assign this average value to some field say "newfield"(decimalt type) in an object "A". means I want to extract the value of "average" field(exist in grid) to a new field named "newfield".

Please suggest me and find the solution soon.


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