rbv.api_attach() returns TRUE even when relationship is not

Posted by cohezive on 06-Nov-2013 16:07

I have been using triggers to establish relationships between records, but noticed that rbv.api_attach() returns true when it should not.  

Specifically, if I provide an incorrect integration name on object 1, the API call returns a true value as if it completed normally.  I have not tested other erroneous call conditions to see if a FALSE value is returned. 

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Posted by sirigontla on 07-Nov-2013 07:44


If integration name of Object 1 is incorrect then the method itself will not get executed.

In the same way  if integration name of Object 2 or record ids or relationship id are incorrect, we will get the error.

You can check the same in Trigger Edit page by clicking on 'Debug Formula' button.

attach() method returns true if it establishes the relationship between 2 records.

Please check your configuration and let me know if you have any questions.

Posted by cohezive on 07-Nov-2013 09:57

It appears I raised this Issue in error.  There were multiple debug print lines and it appeared it was dropping past the conditional return.  


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