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Posted by adisney on 13-Oct-2013 20:39

Does/can Rollbase work against our existing Progress databases? Or is the database itself completely in the cloud?  Not clear on the model.

Thanks for any info.

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Posted by Bill Wood on 13-Oct-2013 20:41

More information was given at Progress Exchange 2013 in October.   When you install a private cloud (on-premise) version of Rollbase, it comes with an OpenEdge database for storage.   You can use this one if you are only using Rollbase, but if you have an existing OpenEdge database with your own tables that you want to see in Rollbase, then you need to point Rollbase to your existing OE DB and load Rollbase schema into it.

In the hosted Rollbase for Progress Pacific in then cloud, the database is not directly accessible, although you can use DataDirect Cloud to access foreign datasources in Read-Only mode (this will be relaxed in the future).

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