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Posted by Rollbase User on 30-Aug-2013 11:02

When updating a tenant with an application, we expected one of the role's permissions on a specific update would change. This was not the case and wondered why the role was not updated and what might be some things to check. Currently, the role in question is attached to the application meant to update it. The permission is to grant the user 'create' for an object is has other permissions in already. We update tenants through the push update button found in the published apps section of the system console. The published apps are pushed from our development tenant that does have the permission set correctly.

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Posted by Admin on 04-Sep-2013 11:33
Hello Micah,

at this point, has the role of the user successfully been updated? Please let me know at your convenience, and I will be able to assist you if necessary.

Thank You,

Corey Prak
Posted by Admin on 04-Sep-2013 11:34
It has not been updated through the push update method.
Posted by Admin on 04-Sep-2013 11:36

thank you for your quick reply. Could you please inform me of whether you are a trial, hosted, or private user of Rollbase?


Corey Prak
Posted by Admin on 04-Sep-2013 11:40
We are a private cloud of rollbase on version 4.0.8
Posted by Admin on 05-Sep-2013 15:07

I'm currently researching the issue and will reply with any updates as soon as possible. I have not had any experience with any of the published applications, but have forwarded this issue to my colleagues for assistance. At this point in time I will continue to research a solution/workaround.


Corey Prak
Posted by Admin on 24-Sep-2013 15:09
still wondering what things we could check or try to make sure updates are more likely to update roles and objects with proper permissions
Posted by Admin on 25-Sep-2013 08:44
Hello Michah,

I have reforwarded this inquiry to my colleagues, we will reply with any updates as soon as possible. I will research a solution for the time being. Could you provide any other information regarding the published application that was used?


Corey Prak
Posted by Admin on 25-Sep-2013 12:46
When we update, we push updates for 4 applications, 1 after the other. The role is attached to each application and has permissions to view to applications in the first and last one updated. Most of the objects referenced by the role are core for the first application updated and all other applications reference those core objects or add to the list.
Posted by Admin on 25-Sep-2013 12:48
In this specific situation, the user was missing permissions on a specific object. The updated was tested before release and shone to give the user the permissions back. When the updates were applied to production, the user was still missing permissions after the update finished.
Posted by Janani Nayanathara on 31-Aug-2017 01:05

Hi, Has this problem solved already?

I am using rollbase 4.4 on private cloud and still face the same problem.

Can anyone suggest a solution or a workaround?

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