Delay in rollbase and soap api synchronization

Posted by Rollbase User on 06-Sep-2013 06:13

After updating object definition or modifying triggers etc, it takes unpredictably long (2 and more weeks) those changes become relevant for soap api (don't know about rest api). Such delay is locking any simultaneous development in rollbase and remote application Is it possible at least shrink this delay? More than 2 weeks is too long

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Posted by Admin on 09-Sep-2013 09:19

Hello Yurii,

I have referred this inquiry to my colleagues and will reply with feedback once any are received.

Thank You,

Corey Prak

Posted by Admin on 09-Sep-2013 09:21

thx, will wait for reply

Posted by Admin on 09-Sep-2013 11:12

Actually changes in triggers should be available for SOAP Server immediately. You can also try edit any field and save it without changes - that should cause metadata cache synchronization.

Posted by Admin on 10-Sep-2013 07:00

Updating field did not help, trigger still works as it was 2 weeks ago... Is there any other way to force cache update?

Also, I noted earlier that new fields are not available for soap api right after creation, but delay was much smaller. I'm not sure, but I think delay increased after moving to amazon

Posted by Admin on 16-Sep-2013 14:46

As another user and developer with Rollbase, we have experienced this same issue many times. One afternoon we spent 5 hours trying to fix a trigger for SOAP API calls only to discover it was simply not taking our changes because we had to restart the server for the update to apply.

I would put my support for improving this, i.e., synchronizing field/trigger changes immediately to the SOAP API.

Posted by awbranch on 07-Mar-2014 12:52

I've had the same issue as well.

Posted by Bill Wood on 08-Mar-2014 07:27

It may be good to add this as an "Idea" in the Rollbase Challenge community so it can be voted on -- while techically not a new feature, it is an issue with an existing one, and voting on it should provide feedback to Product Management for prioritization :-)  

Go to this link to vote:

Posted by awbranch on 05-May-2014 12:56

Is there any feedback on this? A description of what causes the delay and some benchmarks on how long the expected delay should be. and possibly some workarounds would be nice.

What should I tell my customers when I roll an object change out and the SOAP service can not integrate with the change yet. How long should the expect to wait?

Posted by Anoop Premachandran on 05-May-2014 19:49

Please upgrade to the latest release ( released on May 3rd 2014) and verify if problem persists. Basically Rollbase has a distributed architecture ( where different components (UI, SOAP, REST etc) can be hosted in different servers. Occasionally we encounter cache sync issues between UI and SOAP Components and this causes the issue mentioned here. An hour of inactivity usually results in cache being cleared and on next access data should be synced.

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