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Posted by Rollbase User on 02-Aug-2013 05:44

If we develop some new features and improvements. Would you like us to submit our Git commits upstream for review and consideration for including in the core codebase? If so, how would you like these sent?

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Posted by Admin on 02-Aug-2013 09:08


I am talking to product management for feedback.

I will update you on this.

Thank You,


Progress|Rollbase Product Support Team

Posted by Admin on 02-Aug-2013 10:01

Our management suggested the best thing to do is to place the contributions in this forum or GitHub

Rollbase Support will be monitoring these places and we will pick up your contributions to the code.

Thank you.

Posted by Admin on 02-Aug-2013 10:18

Thank you. We will try to do both.

I can't find a GitHub repository for Rollbase.

Is there one or do you suggest we start our own?

(we currently use private Git repositories)

Posted by Admin on 02-Aug-2013 10:40

Currently there is no GitHub for Rollbase, you can certainly start your own.

Please note that we cannot guarantee any code submitted will be added to the product, but we will certainly review it as time permits

Thank you.

Posted by Admin on 08-Aug-2013 19:51

Hey surferking. We are another private cloud customer of RollBase. If you start a GitHub project, I would be interested in having access, and possibly have suggestions of my own? Please let me know, thanks!

Posted by Admin on 09-Aug-2013 05:29

Sure, might not be for a little while but happy to share and discuss. It would mainly be styling and layout improvements due to the closed-source of a lot of the functionality.

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